DVD smelling pet station in Virginia Dog looking at an other dog in Virginia Woodland path at rest stop in Virginia

This is the rest area on interstate 85 close to Dinwiddie, mile post 55. I really like these pet rest stations with the little baggies and a trash can to put the full bags in.

Can you see who that is over there? I think we saw him yesterday in South Carolina.

And look at that nice wooded trail. That is part of the rest area and I think I smell a squirrel!

DVD drinking water at rest stop in Virginia
Grassy exercise area at a Flying J

arrow pointing to the picture on the right I don't know why my Alpha says that we stop 'to change the water in the dog.' But I do get thirsty after over marking all the those spots.

arrow pointing to the picture on the left This is some of the good grass at the Flying J on interstate 95, mile-post 104. This strip is a little narrow, but it is so much nicer that two "sprigs of weed" at an all cement filling station.

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