So how phony would it be to find a rest stop in your home state just to take a picture?
This is part of the Hiker-Bicker trail system in Prince George's County. This part runs through Riverdale Park about a block from my backyard. The trail follows the old trolley line that put Riverdale Park half an hour from the Treasury Department at the turn of the century. Adding a streetcar in 1899 that ran every ten minutes, to the B&O

Old streetcar line
Side of the hicker-bicker trail

train which took 17 minutes to reach Union Station and Riverdale Park was a bedroom community of Washington DC. In 1887 a New York real estate developers purchased the 475 acre estate and mansion from Charles Baltimore Calvert. In 1900 Riverdale was about 50 houses build around the mansion and within walking distance of the Victorian-style B&O station.

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