DVD's Biography


Name: DVD

Nickname: Digger

Breed: Husky mixed with a little Chow - Mom enjoyed herself. Dad was a rascal. I'm a mutt. What do you want?

Age: 2yr(?) + 29 Apr 2006 ~ 30 June 2016

Background: I was a pound dog. I wasn't feeling very good when Alpha came by the SPCA looking for a companion. Figuring anywhere was better then where I was, I turned on the charm. It worked. He's my Alpha, but what an easy mark!

Our first stop was at the vet who found I had two kinds of worms. With the drugs to fix that, I got a urinary infection and all the time I was in heat! Just as I was feeling better Alpha took me back to the vet to get me fixed. I guess he thought I was broken.

With the vet bills, drugs, clean-up from my "condition" I cost Alpha over $10.00 a day for the first month we were together. When I'm bad, Alpha reminds me I'm the "last in a long line of high maintenance females in his life."  I notice none of the others are around, guess he took them back to the pound.
I try to stay on my best behavior, I'm not dumb!

My Alpha use to have an other pound dog. He was already altered when he got to the pound so Alpha didn't have to pay to have "it" done. Therefore, he was called Cheap Dog, CD for short. When CD died, I was the upgrade. Alpha says he may get me a playmate because he has always wanted a dog named Blue; that would be short for Bluray.

Editor‘s note: After several lethargic days, a trip to the vet and X-rays pointed to exploratory surgery. A totally involved pancreas and both kidneys resulted in the decision to euthanasia my companion of 10 years, 2 months and 1 day.

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